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“Raising a child is like teaching them to ride a bike.
They’re shaky in the beginning and then
they need both support and freedom.”


Should children learn the 3R's before school? Science says yes.

"Your child will learn more in their first five years than they will in five years of college."

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'Students in classrooms across the nation must express 90 percent of their day in written communication.'

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There is no mystery in teaching children to read - no magic and no hocus pocus - just a set of skills that must be taught sequentially to help children become independent readers. Some methods of instruction work better for some children and other methods work better for others. Exclusive emphasis on one method can lead to reading failure in children.

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Turning a hitter into a hugger

"My two-year-old hits me when he's frustrated. This usually happens when he is overtired or over stimulated. After he hits me, he watches for my response. I've tried timeouts, reprimanding him and ignoring him, nothing works. Can you help?" Any Mother

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How your child can develop by having good toys

Play is one of the major ways that a young child learns. Through play, children discover and practice the physical, mental, social and language skills they will need to be independent beings.

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Instead of spanking

Not all parents who spank are cool, calm dispensers of tough love. Some are simply harried and swat their kids more out of frustration than conviction. With some forethought, understanding, patience, and commitment, though, even reluctant spankers can learn to permanently spare the rod, or hand, without spoiling the child.

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Your baby's brain doubles in weight in the first year due not to the growth in the number of brain cells but to the connections between them.

These connections only begin to form when your baby has to think about something. Contact with new sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches make your baby think, and that's why stimulation is essential from birth.

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Mathematics helps children make sense of the world around them and find meaning in the physical world. Through mathematics, children learn to understand their world in terms of numbers and shapes. They learn to reason, to connect ideas, and to think logically. Mathematics is more than the rules and operations we learned in school. It is about connections and seeing relationships in everything we do.

What is Letterland?


Letterland is the secret place where letters live!

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